Update as on 25th September 2017


Total Number of patients – 52

Total disbursements till date – Rs.18.00 lacs

New cases supported in August – September:

  1. 50 year old cancer patient from Nenmara, Palakkad for his radiation at Amala Hospital, Thrissur
  2. 55 year old labourer from Manali, Palakkad for intestinal surgery
  3. 6 year old U.K.G student from Kalmandapam, Palakkad who contracted Guillen Barre syndrome and his brother who was simultaneously admitted due to fever
  4. 70 year old patient from Vandithavalam who had to undergo emergency intestinal surgery
  5. 55 year old kidney patient for peritoneal dialysis

Follow on support:

  1. Follow up medicines for 37 year old kidney transplant patient from Mannur, Palakkad
  2. Review costs for 4 year old heart patient from Muthalamada, Palakkad who is awaiting heart surgery at SCT, Trivandrum